I grew up in Marin, the birthplace of mountain biking. I love riding there, but now that I’m in Oakland I have Joaquin Miller Park practically at my doorstep.  There are trails starting within 10 minutes of riding from the shop, which still blows my mind.

I apply my personal love and knowledge of mountain biking to all of the services I offer: bleeding or replacing disc brakes; custom tubeless or standard wheelbuilds; pivot bearing replacements and service; and ensuring that your forks and dropper posts are working smoothly and efficiently, and much more.

The mountain bike industry is constantly in flux. It’s always redefining various standards when it comes to frames, brakes, tires and suspension. It takes a lot of effort to stay on top of what’s good and what’s just marketing hype.  Got questions?  I can help you sort it out.

Trouble getting your suspension feeling jsut right? This area can be really intimidating for folks.  I can help you configure your bike, and I’ve also got a Quarq ShockWhiz that’s available for rent and will help you dial in your ride.

Whether you have a hardtail, a full suspension rig or a fatbike, or rock 26″, 27.5″, 27.5+”, 29″ tires or whatever else the industry comes up with, I can help you out.

Looking to buy a new bike? I work primarily with (but not limited to) Ibis Cycles and Guerrilla Gravity.

If you’d like to learn more about any of these services, drop me a line.